Rapid design and prototyping for the online launch of a new global brand and a record-breaking electric supercar.

NIO Launch

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Off the back of a sixteen month branding process creative agency Forpeople approached Sennep to work with NIO, a global start-up leading the way in electric and autonomous vehicles.

The timeline to launch was tight and we were tasked with designing and prototyping a website in just 7 weeks. A dedicated senior team of designers and developers worked together to collaborate with NIO, assisting in the rapid production of the website. Taking the lead on UI and UX we adopted an agile approach to present back and iterate daily. Prototyping ran in parallel to the design process, with the development team creating elements of coded motion to add the necessary level of fineness and personality to the experience.

Go-live coincided with the unveiling of the worlds fastest electric supercar - the NIO EP9. The supercar took centre stage, smashing lap records at the Nürburgring, and it soon became clear that an interactive experience would be one of the core elements of the website. Working closely with a 3D partner we created a showcase to reveal the spec of the car, amplifying the high-level of innovation and features. To assist development we took the interactive from prototype to a production ready page that could be easily implemented into the final website by the NIO engineering team.

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Thank you for providing designs in such short time with constant changes up to last minute. Your team is exceptional.

Rajesh Rao, Senior Software Architect
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It's impressive what you've achieved, in very challenging circumstances.

Ivan Mato, Design Director


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Launch of NIO eve at SXSW
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